Authenticity | IAA Europe S.L.

As is the case with any other reputable auction house or individual who specialise in the sale of autographs and manuscripts, IAA Europe S.L place the utmost importance on the authenticity of the items which we offer for sale.
IAA Europe S.L have a strong and trusted reputation for carefully researching all the autograph letters and historical documents which pass through their hands and details of this research and the accompanying provenance are outlined in the catalogue descriptions. If, on the very seldom occasion that the authenticity of an autograph included in our auction is brought into question by an established expert, then it will be withdrawn pending further investigation.
Certificates of Authenticity
Any purchase made through our auction is accompanied by a detailed receipt which, along with the relevant catalogue entry, serves as a record of where and when you made the purchase. At the request of a client, we will be happy to provide a certificate of authenticity to accompany your purchase.
We will be delighted to discuss the authenticity and provenance of individual autographs with potential bidders prior to any auction and welcome such enquiries.