Selling with IAA Europe S.L.

Selling with IAA Europe
Just as buying through our auctions is a straightforward exercise, the procedure for selling your autographs through our auctions, whether it be a single item or a complete collection, is also relatively simple. We hope that the questions and answers below will address any queries you may have before using our services.


What can IAA Europe sell on your behalf?
Our auctions typically contain a broad range of autographs in all forms. We principally offer autograph letters, manuscripts, historical documents, and signed photographs. IAA Europe also sell signed books, programmes, visiting cards, menus and other souvenirs, First Day Covers, original signed prints, cartoons and other artwork, clipped signatures as well as, of course, the traditional autograph album. The auctions also feature the signatures of a diverse range of famous, and infamous, historical figures and other celebrities including artists, authors, classical musicians, composers, opera singers and ballet dancers, royalty and world leaders, Nobel Prize winners and scientists, inventors, military leaders, aviators, the stars of stage and screen, rock ‘n’ roll singers, sportsmen and women, models, criminals and almost any other famous individual from any walk of life! We also occasionally feature unsigned vintage photographs, printed ephemera, memorabilia, artefacts or personal belongings relating to historical events or famous people.


How do you find out if your autograph is authentic and of value?
We offer free valuations, without obligation, on individual autographs and complete collections. Initially we recommend that you contact us via the valuation request form on this website. It is most helpful if you can provide as much information as possible. Images of what you are looking to sell are always of particular benefit. The value of autographs can depend on many factors, not least authenticity, condition and rarity. The contents of letters and documents can also greatly influence the value. Most lots that we sell, whether they be single items or a selection included in one lot, must be entered with a minimum estimate of 100€-120€.


How do IAA Europe estimate the value of your autograph?
Each lot that is entered into our auctions, whether it be a single autograph or a group lot of signatures, is accompanied by a pre-sale estimate. This is effectively a guide price of what we would expect the lot to realise on the day of the auction. The estimates are based on our extensive knowledge and experience in selling a wide range of autographs by auction. Our estimates are generally conservative as we have consistently found that this generates more interest and competitive bidding from buyers.


How do you get your autographs to IAA Europe?
Autographs should be sent to us securely packed and preferably by a tracked courier service such as Federal Express, DHL or UPS. It is always beneficial to be advised when a package has been sent.
The address to send consignments to is
International Autograph Auctions Europe S.L,
Urbanización el Real del Campanario
Esc 12, Bajo-B
29688 Estepona
All deliveries are signed for upon receipt by a member of our staff and you will be sent an email to confirm that we have safely received your items. In due course a vendor receipt will also be sent to you once the autographs have been approved for sale.
Clients are also welcome to deliver autographs personally to our offices although an appointment is necessary. The offices are open for appointments between 10h and 14h, and from 16h to 19h, Monday to Thursday.
In the case of particularly large or significant collections we would be willing to travel to discuss, inspect and collect the autographs. We undertake regular trips to Paris and other areas of France and Europe for this purpose, as well as making an annual visit to New York and the east coast of America.


How much commission will IAA Europe charge?
International Autograph Auctions Europe S.L. charge a commission rate of 17.5% plus VAT. Vendors from outside the European Union, including those residing in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, are not charged tax on the commission rate. This competitive commission rate applies to both trade and private individuals, although is negotiable for particularly significant pieces or large collections.


Are there any other charges?
Each lot that is entered into our auctions is illustrated in an online catalogue. The images also feature on the six platforms which broadcast the auction live to internet bidders around the world, and which are integral to achieving the best prices for your consignment. There is an illustration charge of 15€ (plus VAT) per lot. Please note that this fee is per lot, and not per autograph and that many lots will feature multiple images. The fee for withdrawing a lot prior to the sale is 10% of the reserve (or our low estimate if no reserve has been agreed). A full schedule of terms and conditions can be viewed on the relevant page of this website.


Do IAA Europe insure my autographs?
Yes, we cover all goods held on our premises and in our custody against the risk of fire, theft and water damage. There is no additional charge to the vendor for insurance.


Do IAA Europe place a reserve price on my autographs?
Yes, mutually acceptable reserves, a minimum sale price, can be placed on lots in the auction. These should, where possible, be agreed before the items are catalogued and will be confirmed to you on the vendor receipt. However, as a company policy we do not generally sell lots for less than 80% of the low estimate unless instructed otherwise.


Do you charge to have my autographs verified and authenticated?
No, all of the autographs that pass through our auctions are personally inspected and authenticated by our experts and there is no additional charge for this.


How will IAA Europe obtain the best possible price for my autograph?
There are no guarantees when you sell an autograph, or any other item, at any auction. The final price is ultimately determined by the bidders and what they are prepared to pay on the day. However, by selling at auction the ‘sky is the limit’ and quite often lots can sell for two, three, four or even more times their estimate. What International Autograph Auctions Europe can offer you is the peace of mind that your autographs will be presented in a professional manner, catalogued and researched accurately and that, through our online catalogues, website and other sales forums, they will be presented to one of the widest possible audiences of autograph enthusiasts from around the world.


When will you sell my autographs?
Most consignments will be entered into the next available auction and you will be advised of the date of the sale. In some cases, particularly with large collections, the autographs may be entered across a number of consecutive auctions.


When, and how, will IAA Europe send payment for my autographs?


Clients are normally paid by direct bank transfer 28 days after the sale. A statement will be e-mailed to you detailing the hammer price and commission charges etc. for your consignment.


What happens if your autograph doesn’t find a buyer?
Our auctions consistently achieve a successful sale rate of over 70%, so there is a very strong chance that your autograph will find a new home. In many circumstances we may consider re-offering the lot, with a lower estimate, at a later date. We have consistently found that lots presented for a second time stand a 40% chance of being sold, occasionally at a higher price than they were offered previously. However, should the autograph fail to sell a second time it will usually be returned to you.