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We offer free valuations, without obligation, on individual autographs and complete collections. Initially we recommend that you contact us via the valuation request form on this website. It is most helpful if you can provide as much information as possible and images of what you are looking to sell are always of particular benefit.
The value of autographs can depend on many factors, not least authenticity, condition and rarity. The contents of letters and documents can also greatly influence the value. After evaluating these factors, we can supply an estimate.
This estimate is effectively a guide price of what we would expect the autograph to realise on the day of the auction. The estimates are based on our extensive knowledge and experience in selling a wide range of autographs by auction.
Our estimates are generally conservative as we have consistently found that this generates more interest and competitive bidding from buyers. We are certain, from many years of experience, that an over estimated value can send a negative signal to bidders and may have an adverse effect on the attraction and stimulation of potential purchasers. It may even discourage buyers from participating. We have regularly found that our estimates generate higher hammer prices on the day.
Please note, however, it is not always easy to provide an accurate estimate for an autograph without having inspected the item first hand, therefore, having access to the original is always the preferred option.
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