About our Personnel | International Autograph Auctions

Francisco is the Director of International Autograph Auctions Europe S.L (IAA).

He is a Post-Graduate Master in Business & Economy School and is in charge of all commercial and financial matters of the company since its first beginning.

Francisco is also an official University graduate Translator and Interpreter.

He is bilingual, speaks several languages, and is in charge of compiling catalogues and dealing with vendors.

Francisco started more than five years ago a new and additional activity to his professional career, crossing the bridge from being a passionate classical music & opera collector to become a professional in this field of autograph auctions. His close professional relationship with Richard Davie and IAA UK, learning from Richard´s advices and extensive experience involved in all aspects of the autograph field, and his close working relationship with the internationally renowned expert Renato Saggiori, have permitted him to acquire over the years a deep and accurate knowledge of the Autograph auction market.


Elias Morillas

Elias is a graduate in Economy, and works as Personal Assistant to Francisco in the Marbella office.

He is responsible for all invoicing and accounting within the business as well as the overall daily supervision within the office. He also acts as auction coordinator on sale days.


Guillermo Piñero

Guillermo is a graduate in Business & Management, and works as assistant in accountings and administrative tasks.


Jeronimo Acosta

Jeronimo is in charge of the day by day office tasks, such as scanning documents, attending buyers, attending webs enquiries, etc…


Saleroom staff

On sale days we are supported by our colleagues who coordinate the live internet bidding platforms, telephone bidders as well as those clients who choose to attend the sale personally.


Richard Davie

Richard is the director of International Autograph Auctions Ltd (IAA) and has been involved in all aspects of the autograph field since the early 80’s. Recognized as one of Europe’s leading experts in determining authenticity he has specialized in the auctioneering aspect of the business for nearly three decades. Richard takes to the rostrum on auction days.

Ian Sayer

Ian has been involved in various aspects of autograph collecting since 1978. An internationally noted military historian and bestselling author he is generally acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on World War II and Third Reich autographs. Passing his extensive personal collection to his family in the late 1990’s he now acts as curator of that archive and as a part time consultant to IAA. In addition he also assists and advises various institutions and individuals regarding their manuscript collections. Most recently, his contribution to leading British military historian Andrew Robert’s latest book, the best selling ‘Storm of War’ has seen Ian’s activities featured in a full length front page article in the Financial Times.


Renato Saggiori

Renato Saggiori is a worldwide renowned expert and collector. His five decades professional experience in autographs, manuscripts and historical documents have made of him one of the most recognized worldwide figures in determining authenticity. Acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on Popes and one of the leading experts in European Royalty. Author of books related to the autographs such as “The Popes, five centuries of autograph signatures”.