About IAA Europe S.L. | Testimonials

"It is a great pleasure to participate in your auctions... not only because of the consistently good quality of material you offer us, but also because of the ease of bidding, and the options to bid through various platforms, or directly through your website, as we wish. You have taken all of the difficulty out of it for us!" William J., America - 2023
“Smooth transaction, all good. Very good experience with this auction house. Item shipped quickly to U.S. from Spain, well packaged. Good communication.”  Christopher B., America - 2023
“In the matter of customer service, you, definitely, are at the top.” Bertrand R., France – 2022
“Le paquet est bien arrivé. Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme et excellent service! L’emballage était particulièrement bien soigné et les lots bien séparés … en attendant la prochaine vente!”  Charles N., France – 2021
“I wanted to thank you for all your help and your professionalism and the incredible items you have. You are world class.”  Julie G-C., America – 2020
“Thank you for the catalogue. Impressive. No doubt the best autographs & letters auction catalogue worldwide. I collect them as a precious history and stories reference manual. Congratulations.”  Pierre C., France – 2020
“It is my pleasure to say that I'm very positively impressed by the quality of the Auctions and the competence and efficiency of the services. I'm already expecting for the next Auctions.”  Jose K., Portugal – 2020
“I received the letter this morning. Thank you very much for all your consideration and assistance. I am very impressed and will now follow your future auctions with great interest. Thank you again.”  Lewis Y., America – 2019
“Vous êtes l´homme le plus rapide de la galaxie des autographes!!. Merci pour votre réactivité légendaire!!"  Phillippe M., France - 2018
“I´d like to again thank you and your team for an incredible experience. I´m so happy with my purchase and with the incredible service I received. Shipping was easy and fast. And my item is a true, genuine rarity. Can´t wait for the next auction!"  Auguste S., America - 2018
“Je viens de recevoir les documents et ne peux mémpêcher de vous remercier pour la rapidité et le professionnalisme dont vous faîtes preuve avec votre societé."  Serge M., Switzerland - 2018
“Thank you very much for this ultra-fast and perfect transaction. The signed card is fantastic!"  Adrian O., Switzerland – 2017
“Congratulations to You and IAA Europe once again for all the exceptional lots there are on offer. Indeed, once again you have managed to display a wide range of remarkable and interesting lots. I always enjoy the diverse array of your lots and once again you managed to deliver a wonderful collection."  Philip R., Belgium – 2016
“That is absolutely amazing. I have been waiting for items like that for years. I cannot thank you enough for the immediate response. I have dealt with many auction houses and the majority take many days to respond if they even do respond! I cannot thank you enough.....Thank you very much. I will definitely be in touch. Keep up the amazing work. This is the exact reason why I will continue to purchase from IAA Europe. The service is impeccable."  Andre H., United Kingdom – 2014
“Your auctions sales are so well organised that they deserve, I am fully convinced, the success that they are obtaining among collectors of autographs and auction bidders. And for this reason allow me to say `BRAVO´.”  Madame S., Switzerland – 2013
“I am delighted with the auction outcome yesterday. That is important, but no more so than the way your firm treated me from beginning to end. Living in Australia as I do, I am sure you know this is not the first time I have had to receive an international telephone call to bid in an European auction. For me, the experience is always traumatic, one way or another. Can I say though that yesterday the way in which you called me and held me together in the moments 'prior´ was exemplary. It is not easy to put an overseas bidder at ease, but you accomplished that in more ways than one and I want personally to thank you for what you did. It is a textbook lesson for all international auctioneers."  David C., Australia - 2012
“Please be advised that I have received my lots. They are wonderful. Thank you so very much for your assistance, and patience, in helping me to process payment for these items. Also, I am amazed how quickly they arrived here.  Thanks again."  Gregory B., America - 2012